Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 1 notices

Dear students, 

1. Please update your ISS Title if you have not done so. 

2. Please note that this module for Science is 33.4%. 
20.0 % will be allocated to the project.
13.4 % will be allocated to the End-of-year EXAMS.  
The detailed rubrics are found here: 

3. The teachers allocated to the various classes are:
Mr Teng Juin Yan - S201, S205, S206
Mr Tan Hoe Teck - S203, S207
Ms Kassandra - S204, S208, S209 
I will be your coordinator. If you have any issues unsolvable by your teachers, please refer to me. 

4. Room allocation 
Term 3 Week 1 to 2 - your classroom
Term 3 Week 3 onwards - 
Mr Tan's classes (Engineering Lab), 
Mr Teng's classes (Research Lab), 
Ms Kassandra's classes (Biotechnology Lab 1).  

5. All your lesson materials will be uploaded here: 



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