Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good poster samples


Last email for ISS

Dear students,

You should be able to finish your experiment by the end of this week.
Deadline: 22 Aug 2014 

After which, you are to prepare your:

(a) Written Report. Your teacher will give you 1 feedback 
if you are able to submit on time: deadline is 29 Aug 2014 
Submit in PRINTED so that your teacher can assess it 
and give you comments to make improvement before 3 Sep 2014.

(b) Blog - after corrections are made in (a), updated by 3 Sep 2014  

(c) Video - 2 to 4 minute video - post on Youtube and linked to Blog - Multimedia page by 3 Sep 2014

(d) Poster - A1 format - emailed to your teacher - Poster by 3 Sep 2014 

(e) Log Book - Submit to your teacher on 3 Sep 2014.

(f) Each day of delay will cost you 5%.

Reminder for rubrics of assessment: http://1drv.ms/1o1mbhX  
Proposal = 20% (Please upload to Blog in the Proposal Tab) 
Report - 40%
Blog - 5%
Poster - 5% 
Video - 10% 
Log Book - 10% 
Peer Appraisal - 10% (Which will be done in Week 10) 
TOTAL = 100% converted to 20% of overall SCIENCE Results. 

Good samples are found here:
http://sst2013-s207iss-d.blogspot.sg  (Science Research) 
http://sst2013-s204iss-a.blogspot.sg  (Engineering Research) 
Please note that however, these reports are NOT full mark report, but close.