L1 What is Science?

State learner outcomes
What is Science?
·       Science as a body of knowledge that is acquired through systematic observations of the natural world around us
·      Scientific mode of inquiry as used by scientists
·      Scientific method as a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge or correcting and integrating previous knowledge
·       Examples of scientific discoveries
·       Components of the Scientific Method – Designing, Implementing, Reporting and Evaluating
Form groups and design roles

Introduction (5 mins)
+ Students are introduced to the teacher and the teacher to the various teams formed for the ISS. Should there be changes, teacher to update in the “Googleform” passed over from IRS.
+ Ask students to create a blog for ISS with the naming format as:


and create tabs with the following headings as shown in the sample posted here: 

Development (40 mins)
+ Get students to respond to the question – what is science and the scientific method?
+ Instead of telling the students, ask them to search the internet and present their cases about what is the scientific method.
+ A good example is this website on the overview of the scientific method: http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_scientific_method.shtml#overviewofthescientificmethod
+ Students can post their research in the blog created.

Conclusion (5 mins)
+ Remind student to answer the key question – “What is the Scientific Method?” in 20 words and a diagram.  

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