L29-36. Research Project Presentation – Poster and Video

10. Research Project Presentation – Poster and Video  
* Communicate research findings using the language of science
$ Present project findings with suitable structure (Poster / Video)/

Introduction (5 mins)
+ Highlight to students that they need to present their research findings through various methods.

Development (40 mins)
+ Students will be given A1 samples and template.
+ Students will be given video samples.
+ Students will start to prepare their posters and videos in class with the guidance from teachers.
+ Each team of students will divide their work so that they can complete their tasks as early as possible.
+ After their posters and videos are completed, students will upload them in their own Googlesite Blog. 

Conclusion (5 mins)

+ Remind the students that they are to submit their logbooks, posters and videos to the Googlesite Blog by the 36th lesson.

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