L10-20. Experimentation

7. Experimentation (Part 2 to 12)
$ Perform draft experiments
$ Perform experiments
• Collect relevant and accurate data
• Record data in an appropriate manner (e.g. Table)

Introduction (5 mins)
+ Teacher to remind students to observe safety rules and approach teacher or lab staff should they have any difficulties.
+ Students are to divide themselves into different roles to take care of the different areas.

Development (40 mins)
+ Students are to perform draft experiments with the advice from the teacher-in-charge
+ Students are to perform the actual experiments within the laboratory
+ Students are to collect the relevant and accurate data
+ Students are to record the data in an appropriate manner (both in the log book and in “Numbers”)

Conclusion (5 mins)

+ Students are reminded to keep their apparatus in the allocated space after their experiments

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