Project Ideas from 2014

S2-01   -   Development of a portable Traffic Light System (ARDUINO)  -  Development of an Inter-tidal Simulator (ARDUINO)

S2-03   -   Development of an automated shelter (ARDUINO / RASPI)  -   An investigation of the effect of different colour lights on the growth of different coloured plants.  -  An investigation of the effect of microwave intensity on the growth of the green bean.  -  Development of hyro-powered sanitary system.   -  Development of a remotely operated amphibious vehicle.   -   An investigation of the effect of UV light exposure on the growth of bacteria in water.   -  An investigation of the effect of different coloured lights on the rate of photosynthesis of Elodea.


S2-05    -   Development of a Piano Staircase (ARDUINO)

S2-06    -    Development of an Automatic Door Lock system (ARDUINO + ANNIKKEN ANDEE)

S2-07   -  Development of a Haze filter and CO Sensor (ARDUINO)   -  Development of an Urban Hydroponics System (ARDUINO)   -   Development of an Automatic Bedroom (ARDUINO + ANNIKKEN ANDEE)      -    An Investigation of how the Activity of Americium-241 changes with distance away from it


S2-09   -    Development of an Automatic Temperature control system for the fish tank (ARDUINO)

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