L9. Experimentation Prep

For this lesson, you are supposed to prepare the following:
(a) Log Book

During this lesson, your teachers will provide each team with the following:
(a) Gantt Chart
(b) Log Book content page x 1
(c) Permanent Issue Items & Equipment Temporary Loan List x 2
           * One form is to be included in the Log Book
           * One form is to be used when making requests in the Lab
                       (I will place additional forms in the Lab)
                       (You can also print additional copies for your own use)

One person within the group should be assigned the job of recording all the events that happened during the experimentation process.

The Log Book should not be too neat, but the information must be legible.

Paste the following forms:
(a) Content Page Gantt
(b) Gantt Chart
(c ) Research Proposal draft 1
(d) Permanent Issue Items & Equipment Temporary Loan List

Once the Log Book is prepared, you are ready for experimentation in the next lesson.

In case you loose the forms, here is the link: http://1drv.ms/1oIEJXC

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